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                            Water and Sewer Ordinance

Water and Sewer Rates
In accordance with the Marion Township Sewer and Water
Ordinance No.4-13-00, the current rate schedule is as follows:

 Water      Sewer        Ready to Serve             Flat Sewer Rate   

$4.33       $4.25     W- $9.73/ S- $10.88        $69.77       

$4.33  - irrigation
Rates are based on 1000 gallon usage, billed quarterly
Ready to Serve fee is charged whether or not water or sewer is used by resident, if you are connected to the system. Ready to Serve fee is included in the sewer flat rate and is billed quarterly. Residents may find it cost effective to obtain a second meter for outdoor water usage. You save money by not paying for sewer usage on outdoor watering. Call the township for more information or email Cindy Hodge  

If you have a water emergency you may call 1-888-481-0439. This line is manned 24 hours by a live operator. The phone number to order a final billing on your service or to have the billing changed to your name when purchasing a new home is 800-881-4109.  

If you have a sewer emergency you may call 546-7510, weekdays 8am - 4pm. After hours or on weekends call 911.

         Current 2014 Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) Rates are:

                        Water -  Frontage   $3,851.00   

                        Water -  REU          $3,867.00   

                        Total -                    $7,718.00 

                     Water Meter Package...........................$672.00

                     Irrigation Permit with PVB.................. $670.00

                Irrigation Permit without PVB.................. $442.00

                         Sewer:  $ 9,000.00 per REU as of 1-1-2014

                                                     Tap In Fee:   $ 250.00

Rates are subject to change by the Marion Township Board of Trustees. The Marion Township Board of Trustees has adopted a policy for a time payment option for residents who do NOT have a special assessment that would like to connect to the municipal water or sewer. Please call or email me for additional information about this program or any questions about REU charges or Special Assessment balance information,
call 517-546-1588.

MHOG Utility Bill Payment

Marion Township Residents may now pay their water and sewer bills online by using the link below to access the MHOG utility billing site. Master Card and Visa are the credit cards that are accepted for payment purposes.  https://genoa.merchanttransact.com

MHOG Trophies and Awards
Best Tasting Water trophies were awarded to MHOG, the municipal water supply for Marion, Howell, Oceola and Genoa Townships. The wells that supply MHOG's water are located in Marion Township.

                       Regional Awards                             State Award


Miss Dig - If you have a project that you may need flagged call them @ 811. 

Adopt A Fire Hydrant - fire hydrant.pdf

Additional Links
If you have any suggestions for other links for our website that you may find helpful, please call the Township or email to Cindy Hodge

The phone number for Charter Communications is 1-888-438-2427. AT&T U-verse is available in some areas of Marion Township. If you go to their website you may check to see if it is available at your home. www.att.com

Cable Problems
If you have complaints about your Cable TV and have been unable to resolve your complaint, the Michigan Public Service Commission will assist you in resolving your issue. The phone #  is 800-292-9555, fax # 517- 241-2400. The website is www.michigan.gov/mpsc , click on the video/cable button for information. 

Their address is: 
Michigan Public Service Commission 
Attention: Video Franchising
PO Box 30221
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Satellite Complaints
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can be reached by calling 888-225-5322 for satellite complaints and inquiries.

You may call the Township during regular business hours to leave your name and the nature of your problem or e-mail the DPW department at the Township. The e-mail address is publicworks@mariontownship.com We will forward a list of resident's names to the Cable company of anyone who has experienced service problems. We will also be retaining the list for future reference.